“Fifth and Main”

My first blog hits close to home for me. Although I wanted to do a lot of research on many upcoming bands and chose my favorites, this particular band was already in my head while I was developing the idea of this blog. My goal is to write about bands that deserve to be praised for their excellent talent and this particular band is the one.

Ryan Kelly, my big brother, came to visit me a couple of weeks back with his fiancé.  After a long day in Ohio City, catching up over drinks and good food, my brother introduced me to a very impressfifthandmainive band, “Fifth and Main”.

Ryan happens to manage this band that began in Rochester, Michigan. The band started off as a trio of brothers and after discovering the severity of their talent, they added three other guys:

-Jack Stablein, Vocals/Guitar

-Brady Stablein, Vocals/Guitar

-Beau Stablein, Keyboard

-Max Shafer, Lead Guitarist

-Cam LaFrance, Bassist

-Sam Clayman, Drummer

Their music reminds me a lot of the 90’s band eras, one of my favorite times of music. When I first heard the song “I Still Have Life”, I instantly thought of The Goo Goo Dolls. Do you agree?

Also, instead of having one solid lead singer, you hear more than just one voice. We don’t see that in music now-a-days. Brothers Brady and Jack Stablein share the stage with their unique sounds.

On their social media sites, “Fifth and Main” repetitively mention their ambition to “take over the world.” I love this because they are passionate about what they are doing and it shows.  They are aggressive about getting gigs around the Michigan area at little pubs and bars. fifthandmain2

Music aside, it is time to put a little bit of my PR advice out there. I think they are doing an amazing job with their audiences through social media. They communicate one-on-one on their Twitter and FaceBook sites. Their Twitter feed is full of a bunch of retweets from fans pleading to the audience about checking out their soundcloud “pronto before they get huge.” They also keep their fan base updated on news about their band. Back in April, they posted a FaceBook status update about the additional band members, Sam Clayman and Max Schafer. Their “team” is not so bad as well. While in Ohio, my brother carried business cards on him and handed them out to people interested in having bands come play at their spot. This to me is all good PR.

If any of you readers are interested in taking a look at Fifth and Main:




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