Vine….A way for musicians to get recognized?


Using social media to show off your talents..

Thanks to this generation’s social media, putting yourself out there to get discovered can be on your terms.  No longer does it involve a long process of hiring “experienced” mentors or waiting for the next time American Idol comes to a city near you. One of the most popular social media apps, Vine, has opened opportunities for inspired musicians, comedians and marketers.

For those who don’t know what Vine is…

Vine is Twitter’s video app that allows people to take 6-second loop videos. Original app has made some changes since its debut in January 2013 and the new updates on the app allows people to “revine” to share with their followers (like a retweet).

According to The 7th Chamber’s article about Vine, studies show that a branded Vine is four times more likely to be seen than a branded video. So, for all those inspired musicians out there, here is a little advice. Be creative when using today’s social media opportunities and separate yourself from the rest. Below are examples of some of those musicians that have done just that with Vine.

Speaking of American Idol…

Tori Kelly, a singer/songwriter, auditioned for American Idol season nine in hopes of becoming a famous singer. She made it through the first series of rounds, but never made it to the “Top 24.” Although her online bio says that she had many appearances on shows and recording with other recording artists, I have never heard of her. I first saw her when she came up on my news feed in the “popular” category of Vine. In this 6-second video, Kelly is singing a simple song but her voice is absolutely beautiful. Now, Tori now has over 500,000 followers and an album set to release on October 22.

Here is her ever-so-popular vine that was revined by thousands…

And…even has a few other vine-famous comedians, Brittany Furlan, mimicking her vine..

Other popular musicians on Vine..

Of course there is the heartthrob that has all the teenage girls squealing. I was there, I know the feeling. Trevor Holmes, born in California, has over 100,000 followers that tune in to his daily vines which consist of him and his guitar. He sure is using his looks and fan base to his advantage as well. He posted a vine asking girls to hashtag “my song contest” in their vines to get a song played for them on his next vine. Guess what, it worked! Girls were tagging him in their posts and hash tagging his idea all over Vine which generated even more recognition.

It’s not all about how great your voice is either through this app. Musicians are showing their skills with instruments as well. Trench, the “finger-style guitarist” has over 160,000 followers. All of his vines entail him strumming on his guitar. Whether is is outside, in a dark basement, or his cute dog looking at him in the background to give the videos different scenery. All the songs he plays are covers, and, well, he is really amazing.  I am a sucker for an acoustic guitar so this could be why I like him so much, but he is worth checking out.

What should we take away from this?

I feel like using social media resources to set yourself apart from others has been pounded in my head since I began my public relations journey at KSU. It’s true, not just for public relations majors but for everyone. Anyone with a passion has room on the web to share, in their own way.


One thought on “Vine….A way for musicians to get recognized?

  1. I loved the last line of this post! I completely agree that anyone with a passion can share that passion with people on the web, and be recognized for it. I think another t aspect of using social media resources is creating a following among the thousands or millions of people who are also contribute to the site you’re sharing your passions on. Especially in PR we learn that passion and belief in your product, client, or what ever it is your sharing is essential but so is forming a positive public opinion. Sharing your passions on social media sites can be pretty simple, but getting people to care as much as you do about them is the more difficult part!

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