How to Get Famous in 2013


Okay, so if you know me at all you would know I hate being serious (except when my shows are on…seriously, shut up). Being silly, pulling pranks and poking fun is something you’ll catch me doing on a regular basis. Especially with my dad by my side, we’re pretty good at it.

Nothing makes me laugh more than musicians in the media today (cough…Miley Cyrus…cough). Although I think Miley’s actions are a total publicity stunt (and a genius publicity stunt at that), she and many other hot messes have inspired to me put together something to give my viewers a quick laugh.

I toyed with an infographic site called on “How to Get Famous in 2013”.  If any Disney Channel stars, boyfriends/girlfriends of Justin Bieber or William Hung’s are tuning into my totally famous blog..uhh…sorry.

Warning: Musicians that are actually good…don’t try any of these. Expect YouTube. YouTube’s good.

"How to Get Famous in 2013"

“How to Get Famous in 2013”

(Click on the pictures for the full image)

All pictures in infographic from Flickr


2 thoughts on “How to Get Famous in 2013

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  2. You’re post cracked me up. I am a musician myself and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard those five things! What ever happened to getting discovered while playing on the street? Ooh yea, most people get arrested for that now a days… I honestly think that most people truly believe the only way to make it as a musician is to be on win a show or becoming famous before you know your ABCs. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that most people are lazy these days (not to be judgmental or anything…). It takes a lot of work to make it from the ground up. It takes a long time and hard labor to grow a fan base, write your own songs and tour around in a smelly cramped van. I liked that you referenced back to YouTube as being good because it is! It is an easy way to share great content that you made yourself. The reality is, if you really wanna make it big you have to put your blood, sweat and tears into it cause the chances of you (whoever you are) probably aren’t going to win American Idol. For me, I’ll take the blood, sweat and tears any day. That is of course James Franco doesn’t come and sweep me off my feet. In that case, just call me #5!

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