I don’t know what it is about girl bands that I love so much. Probably because if I could do life over again (and have a killer voice), I would have undoubtedly been in an all-girl band.

Since starting this blog, I am constantly keeping my ears open for new music to write about. Last weekend I was in the car with my best friend, Hallie. Hallie is one of those girls that just loves those girl power, energetic, glam-pop songs ..the songs you can run forever too and feel like a different person. She introduced me to the song “The Wire” by Haim (pronounced like lime, but with a “P”). When she put this song on we did our typical jam out session in the car that we have been doing since high school. And since I haven’t been able to stop listening to the song….


Haim (Flickr.com)

The Band

The sibling rockers have blown up in the UK this past year and are slowly making their way to the United States. Since their debut of the album Days Are Gone in 2013, they have shown their capability in making it in the music industry. The Strokes, Rihanna and Mumford & Sons have all given them rave reviews on their indie pop tunes.

In the Huffington Post’s online article back in October, they said the LA natives are taking Europe “by a storm.” The band’s plan for the future is a large extensive tour in 2014 throughout the UK and Europe.


The three sisters (Este, Danielle and Alana Haim) grew up in Los Angeles and spent their childhood as part of family cover band Rockinhaim. Together, they played at local venues and crafted their own R&B-influenced soft rock. After a few years, the sisters parted ways to get school degrees and go on with life until they gave it one last final shot.

Since their debuts they have opened for Florence and the Machine and Mumford & Sons. After their performance at Glastonbury festival, they received a top ranking in BBC’s Sound of 2013 Poll and signed with Jay-Z’s RocNation management group. So keep your ears open people, they’re comin’.

The Wire

I was just listening to this song about an hour ago on the freeway, and I know that fellow drivers alongside of me had quite the show. But seriously, besides the awesomeness of the song and lyrics, the video makes it even better. The track deals with heartbreak in an uplifting and triumphant manner. Check it out below.

Actually, they may be coming even sooner…

The sisters plan to make an appearance on November 23’s “Saturday Night Live.” Tune in! They also got their name in the Rolling Stone’s November issue titled “How Haim’s Three Geeky Sisters Became the Year’s Coolest New Band.”

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13 thoughts on “HAIM

  1. For absolutely no reason, I used to hate bands with female lead singers. Now, I’m obsessed with artists like Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson.

    Turns out, girl bands and artists are pretty good.

    • I agree with you..then came Paramore and the sudden want to be apart of a rocker all-girl band…This band is great Lindsey! You should check out more of their songs or plug them into Pandora. I’ve found a few other “unknown and unrated” songs that way!

  2. I never really paid attention to bands with all women musicians until I got the opportunity to see Beyonce live a few years ago. Her entire show was dedicated to the power of women and her extremely large and very talented band was entirely made up of women. I found this to be such an interesting part of the show and really made me gain insight to Beyonce’s beliefs and her stance on the power of women! I have never heard of HAIM before but I am willing to give them a try. I think since the Beyonce concert I have become more aware of all women bands and how incredibly unique and moving they really are. I would highly suggest if you ever get the opportunity to see Beyonce in concert to definitely take the chance, but if not you should look up some of her Youtube videos of her band. I think you would really enjoy it and I will continue to listen to HAIM and spread the word about their awesome talents.

    • I’ve always really enjoyed watching Beyonce on music awards, so I will definitely love to see her in concert. Only problem with big names is it’s hard to get close without spending hundreds of dollars.

  3. I listened to The Wire song by HAIM. I never heard them before and I enjoyed listening to them. I do not know why, but it always stings when people say “I do not like female singers.” Or the person might say a similar comment. It really shows how someone is closed off in their music when saying statements like that. I wonder why so many people do not try to listen to other kinds of music that they do not normally listen to. I know quite a few people who are closed off in music and only listen to a certain genre. I like all kinds of music and it is very diversified. My playlist has all kinds of music from opera, American and even Italian pop, R & B, rap/hip-hop, alternative, rock, and the oldies. I get a sense of other cultures by listening to their music. My opinion may have a factor to how open I am to other cultures in general and love learning about other countries. I am also tired of listening to the same artists all the time and the same songs for what actually is 5 or 6 months straight on the radio in the car. I have noticed that there are newer and newer artists that come out on the radio more and more. Since the last few years, it seems that artists that were not as globally known are becoming globally known. I think it is a little bit easier today for a small band to rise up and get globally recognized. We are becoming more and more global in recent years and will be more in the future. The well-known celebrity names like Britney Spears and Beyoncè will not be the only ones playing on mainstream radio, but new artists will be on the top of the top-selling list as well.

  4. I usually don’t listen to girl bands because they all seem the same. After watching the Video for Haim, I really liked the way they portrayed their video. It was a song that had a fun story behind it but it let me know that “everything is gonna be okay”. If I usually listen to a band, it is a male based band but I never have that feeling of just jamming out with my best friend unless I’m listening to a female artist. A new interesting artist that you may like is Lorde. She currently has the new hit song “Royals” (which i sing about 3 times a day). She has other catchy songs that you can roll the windows down and just vibe.

  5. I usually don’t follow female band: First of all, I’m a guy and I like listening to male artists’ music; Secondly, I don’t really follow any bands. But HAIM really changed my mind and my opinion about female band. From the song “The Wire”, I can feel the strong will inside of three girls: Este, Danielle and Alana Haim. During this song, They don’t like to be in control in their relationship. Instead of been left behind, they took a brave step and rejected their boyfriends. I can feel the strong, independent soul inside of their song. In the modern society, male and female should be treated equally. In fact, male has privilege over female in some areas. Such as job opportunities, salaries and so on. I can imaging how hard for this all-female band to begin and develop until today. Their songs and lyrics are really various and talented even from a guy’s perspective! I also notice that they went to college for degrees and almost give up their music dream until they decided to give a last shot, they made it! Their music were successful and they finally made their dream came true! I’m pround of them not only because of their fantastic music, but also their attitude toward their life goals, never give up. Female has the same rights and freedom as males, they should be treat equally as anyone else in this world. I wish them good luck with their music and I hope in the future, there would be more and more all-girls’ band to crash the music industry…

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