How to Get Famous in 2013


Okay, so if you know me at all you would know I hate being serious (except when my shows are on…seriously, shut up). Being silly, pulling pranks and poking fun is something you’ll catch me doing on a regular basis. Especially with my dad by my side, we’re pretty good at it.

Nothing makes me laugh more than musicians in the media today (cough…Miley Cyrus…cough). Although I think Miley’s actions are a total publicity stunt (and a genius publicity stunt at that), she and many other hot messes have inspired to me put together something to give my viewers a quick laugh.

I toyed with an infographic site called on “How to Get Famous in 2013”.  If any Disney Channel stars, boyfriends/girlfriends of Justin Bieber or William Hung’s are tuning into my totally famous blog..uhh…sorry.

Warning: Musicians that are actually good…don’t try any of these. Expect YouTube. YouTube’s good.

"How to Get Famous in 2013"

“How to Get Famous in 2013”

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All pictures in infographic from Flickr